Grey Shimmer Quartz

Grey Shimmer Quartz

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Grey Shimmer Quartz





Production Flow of Synthetic Quartz slab

Synthetic stone slab manufactured by mixing and stirring natural quartz, glass shiver (grain) and natural quartz powder (aggregate) and unsaturated polyester resin and high polymer (adhesive), vacuum compression, vibratory compaction, solidification coagulation, and machining procedures (such as grinding and cutting) is called synthetic quartz slab. Its main constituent is silicon dioxide with hard texture and acid and alkali resistance feature.


Chemical Constituent of Quartz

  • Basic chemical constituents of Global Stone: Unsaturated polyester-natural quartz (silicon dioxide) –chemical pigment- glass, lens and natural ore grain in the right amounts.
  • Crystal content: about 92%
  • Unsaturated polyester resin content: 7-8%
  • Hardness up to about 68 HS, drying bending degree about 32 MPa and drying comprehensive strength about 180 MPa


Additional Information

Dimensions 3000 × 1400 × 20 mm


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